produced by the Polymetallurgical Corporation


This Corelay® token, produced by the Polymetallurgical Corporation (PMC) of Attleboro, Massachusetts, has been presented as a coinage option to mints throughout the world, including the U.S. Mint. PMC produced 500 of these tokens specifically for presentation at the XIX Mint Directors Conference held May 27-30, 1996, in Warsaw, Poland. Representatives from the United States Mint were in attendance at the conference. According to PMC, Corelay® "consists of a magnetic core material surrounded by a non-magnetic or slightly magnetic alloy selected for its durability, anti-tarnish properties, color and formability. Coinage made from Corelay system allows the magnetic core to be virtually invisible to the naked eye, giving the coin a monolithic appearance while allowing high degree of detectability by coin validators."

The Corelay® technique was pitched to the U.S. Mint as a viable option for the dollar coinage program. It was tested by the mint and was found to have a high degree of security. For various reasons, Corelay® was not selected as the material used for the golden dollar. Currently, there is no coinage using the Corelay® system.



Diameter: 27.00 mm
Thickness: 3.00 mm

Composition: Copper Alloy
with a magnetic iron core

Weight: 177.00 grains
(Approximately 11.47 grams)

Medal Die


** Below is the booklet and pen that was handed out with
Corelay® token at the XIX Mint Directors Conference. **

Visit Polymetallurgical Corporation's web site for the complete report on the Corelay® system that was presented to the XIX Mint Director's Conference.

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