Promoting the Susan B. Anthony Dollar





In 1979, prior to the release of the Anthony Dollar on July 2nd, the U. S. Mint released a press kit to media outlets. Many items were included in the press kit (too many to picture here). Among them are: A press release statement; Biography of Ms. Anthony; A timeline of SBA coin legistation and related data; Quotes from several government officials concerning the new small dollar; A list of benifits of handling the coin; Project ideas for groups; Photos of the new coin; Cartoons; and a phamplet promoting the coin (see below).

ACTUAL SIZE 3.5" x 8.5"

In addition to the press kit above, the U.S. Mint distributed this pamphlet titled "The Dollar Of The Future". It was included in the press kit and given out to the general public separately. Its purpose was to educate the public on the benefits of using the new dollar coin. It expounded on excellent arguments as to why we should use the small size dollar. A few of the reasons are: it last longer than the paper dollar, therefore cheaper to produce in the long run; easy to identify (ironically this being the #1 reason it ultimately failed); the weight of one dollar coin is one-third that of four quarters.



Above are examples of items produced by the United States Mint to promote use of the new small dollar. Below are some privately produced items that were either produced to promote the Susan B. Anthony Dollar, or, as in a couple of cases, may have actually hindered its use.


Here is an imaginative way to promote the use of small dollar coins
instead of "dirty" paper money. This clever rhyme reads "This
dirty dollar, ripped and stained, is full of germs, no doubt
* Use the dollar coin instead - it's clean and won't wear out."

Here is another one. It reads: "Where has this dollar been? On the
men's room floor? In a stripper's g-string? Use the new dollar coin."



Here is a wood that was created to encourage elimination of the
paper dollar and to promote use of the dollar coin. It was
created and distributed by Leon Reino of New Jersey.

While many were doing there part to promote the new Anthony Dollar, there were others that weren't so enthusiastic. This is a decal that was used on some vending machines to inform potential consumers that their "New Dollar Coin" wasn't welcome there.



Even Mad Magazine (June 1980, Issue #215) got their digs in on the unpopularity of the Anthony Dollar. On their well known Mad Fold-In page (left) they remark "There are many things on this earth that never should have come into being in the first place. One such thing is with us now, and anyone who has come in contact with it hopes it will soon disappear." They then ask "What specie would we all like to see become extinct?" The page is folded in (right) and the answer, "The Susan B. Anthony Dollar", is revealed.


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